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Margaret (Marg) Hickton-Burnett leaves us on 20 March 2020. We at Barter Law wish her well and thank her for her 16 years of loyal service.

COVID-19 Support


On a separate note, whilst it is business as usual it is in reality, due to the times (COVID-19) anything  but normal. We at Barter Law are able to operate remotely and encourage you to deal with us this way reducing the face to face contact as much as possible.


At this point our office will remain open and staffed however we encourage contact by using (video) functionality such as  Skype or FaceTime.


  • Rick Phillips mobile 021 927648 / Skype identity ‘moodmaker62’;
  • Laurence Herbke mobile 027 530 7086;
  • Chris Hallowes mobile 027 253 1980;
  • Wendy Delaveau mobile 021 026 57616.


Please feel free to phone staff to organise a video call with them as needed.


We are here to support you and yours and continue to cover the full spectrum of legal services.

Our people have extensive experience and expertise in their particular areas of practice ensuring a high quality of excellence and service

The Barter Law team combines a wide range of legal expertise, a depth of knowledge and an ability to think outside the square enabling it to achieve the best results for its clients.


Director, LLB
E: [email protected]
DDI: 09 448 0501


Associate, LLB
E: [email protected]
M: 027 530 7086


Senior Solicitor, LLB Hons TEP
E: [email protected]
M: 027 253 1980


Conveyancing Practitioner/Registered Legal Executive
E: [email protected]
DDI: 09 415 0003


Trust Account Administrator/Legal Executive
E: [email protected]
DDI: 09 448 0505


Receptionist/Legal Secretary
E: [email protected]
PH: 09 415 0000

There are many areas of law in which you need a lawyer to navigate

We are a full service legal practice that concentrates on the areas of legal practice in which it has an edge.

Business Law

Business law covers every aspect of starting, purchasing, running, selling, reconstructing and closing a business.

Criminal Law

We can represent you if you are facing a criminal charge.

Trusts and Estate Planning

Plan for your future now – get your property affairs in order, protect your assets.

Estate Administration

If someone you know has died recently, we can take care of the legal implications.

Property Law

Buying, developing, subdividing, selling, leasing property?

Elder Law

Care, welfare and protecting the rights and assets of people who are nearing or have reached retirement age.

Relationship Property

Entering into or ending a relationship – we can help.

Employment Law

Rights of employees and responsibilities of employers.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation, mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

What our clients say

I was owed a significant debt that I had been unable to collect for a number of years. I went to Chris Hallowes to help me recover it. The debtor proved very difficult and Chris guided me through the Court processes to recover it. I was impressed with Chris’ professionalism and his results. He kept me informed at every step and he recovered the debt in full plus interest for me. An amazing result. I highly recommend Chris and the Barter Law Team.

I highly recommend Chris and the Barter Law Team

I’ve recently used the services of Chris Hallowes, of Barter Law, Albany to assist me with the sale of my business. Chris listened attentively, advised me wisely, dealt with the other parties on my behalf and secured an outcome which protected my best interests. Chris did all this with care, honesty and integrity and in a very timely fashion.

I have no hesitation in recommending Barter Law

R. Gary Skeates - Auckland, NZ
I have worked with Chris on two occasions with respect to employment related issues. Chris is extremely professional in his approach to these challenges and is
always empathetic to what is typically an emotional situation for the client. He is efficient in his approach and communicates efficiently throughout the process
and has always provided a great outcome.

Chris is extremely professional in his approach

Nick Covich - Structural Engineers
I am an insolvency practitioner who first knew of Rick Phillips when I was a practicing accountant and he a newly qualified lawyer running a business class at Air New Zealand and we ended up establishing a business for a retiring employee servicing life jackets and rafts. Our association continues today. Barter Law have recently done sterling work for me…

Our association continues today

John Gilbert - C&C Strategic
I used Rick’s legal services in the mid to late 2000’s when he practiced in Newmarket. At the time I was a property investor undertaking residential and commercial developments including one in KeriKeri. Rick oversaw all the legal work on the KeriKeri project and when the global financial crisis hit he ably assisted me in achieving construction completed…

I unreservedly endorse their services

Les Viskovich
I and my wife are Singaporean’s who invested our life’s savings in property in a property scam in Albany. On a visit to New Zealand we looked for legal help and walked into Barter Law’s Albany offices from the street where we met Rick Phillips. This was our luckiest day for Rick had an extensive knowledge of property investment and in particular ‘put’ and ‘call’ options…

The Barter Law litigation team recovered our life savings

Adrian Huijie
Rick Phillips has provided me with sound personal and business advice covering a number of difficult situations including my being scammed by a number of rogues the latest of which being David Ross/Ross Asset Management. It was upon Rick’s advice many years ago that I established a family trust to own my family home and I am grateful for his advice…

Rick Phillips has provided me with sound personal and business advice

Robyn Watson
The Police charged me with driving with excess breath alcohol after my car broke down. Barter Law defended the charge at trial and I was successful.  A wonderful result.  A drink driving conviction would probably wrecked my career as a professional driver. I would recommend Barter Law to anyone facing a drink driving charge.

A wonderful result

Glen, Auckland
I went to Barter Law to help me with the sale of my business. The process was effortless and Barter Law’s professionalism impressed me.  They explained to me, in simple language, what was needed to successfully complete the transaction and monitored each step of the sale closely.

I went to Barter Law to help me with the sale of my business

Robyn Skeates
I was charged with driving while disqualified. I had just got a new job and needed to drive for it. If I lost my licence again I would lose my job. Keeping my licence means everything to me. Chris helped me keep my licence with a section 94 application. I would recommend Chris to anyone in a situation where they might lose their licence.

I would recommend Chris to anyone

Grace, Auckland
Barter Law has acted for Redcoats on an array of commercial and business issues over the years. Steve Barter is a good friend of mine and the relationship we have was strengthened through our professional dealings. Since Steve retired, Rick and Laurence have provided the same top-notch advice and representation. At Redcoats we strive for excellence…

Rick and Laurence have provided the same top-notch advice

David Hall, Redcoats Commercial Cleaning Services, Auckland
Laurence is a humble person and very easy to communicate with. He acted for me on my fourth drink driving charge I faced. I was very worried about what sentence I was looking at if I was convicted. He managed to persuade the Judge to give me a sentence indication of community work which I happily accepted. I am now out of the Court system and driving again…

Laurence is a humble person and very easy to communicate with

David, Auckland
Laurence represented me in the Auckland District Court when I was facing serious IRD fraud charges. It was a difficult period of time for me and he gave me clear guidance and advice throughout the process. I would recommend Laurence for anyone facing criminal charges.

I would recommend Laurence for anyone

Hamish, Auckland

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use a lawyer?

You need a lawyer because at Barter Law we can provide objective advice and represent you in private dispute, or against the State. The knowledge and experience that a lawyer can bring is invaluable and the benefits of having a lawyer should never be under estimated. Lawyer play an important role in ensuring justice is met and your interests are protected as far as possible.

Do I have to pay for a lawyer?

At Barter Law, the majority of our clients are private clients that pay our fees at an agreed rate. However, we also provide legal services in the areas of civil, family and criminal law through the New Zealand Legal Aid system. Call us to either discuss our rates or the possibility of us representing you through Legal Aid.

I want to win, does Barter Law guarantee results?

At Barter Law we pride ourselves on achieving excellent results for our clients. Some situations may be unwinnable and the best course of action is risk mitigation. However, if you have a strong case and your prospects of success are good, then Barter Law will work with you to ensure you achieve a successful result.

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